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Tracey Brown is a United States Coast Guard Veteran. After many years of undiagnosed PTSD, Tracey was educated as a Director of Physical Rehabilitation and has been working for over twenty years to help clients get free from physical pain. For the last decade she has specialized in pain reduction via scar tissue therapy.

This is where she learned that physical and emotional traumas have so many similarities when it comes to the healing process. This "scar tissue therapy" was where Tracey realized how detrimental preconceived ideas can be to our own healing. That being open to new understandings, new ideas and participation in our own healing process can create more freedom from pain then previously thought possible.

Tracey still works with clients who have physical scars, she has incorporated speaking engagements; live and virtual to support her #1 best selling books. Rescue to Recovery is a national best seller and Women Who Boss Up in Health, Wellness and Life is a #1 International best seller.

Rescue to Recovery is a Veteran’s perspective of not only time serviced in the United States Coast Guard but more so, the years after and navigating the enigma of post-traumatic stress. This is a book written by a veteran and her personal challenges while coming to terms with, and understand her inability to engage in day to day activities as others did. It is a reflection of work as a physio-therapist, CG missions, trainings, and skewed understandings of post-traumatic stress. This is not just for veterans, it is for the helpers, healers, heroes and warriors of all walks. Those that feel the need to stay strong when everything feels like it is falling apart. 

Available for purchase at: https://veteransguide.samcart.com/products/rescue-to-recovery

Women Who Boss Up in HealthWellness and Life is a collaboration of 16 inspirational stories of Women who have overcome and thrive "no matter what"